About us

The thin line between the Business and Tech and the fact that each of us at Kramp Hub has a direct impact on the product is the reason why our Tech team is so determined and can truly embody the ‘Build it, own it, love it” approach. Our fully autonomous teams enjoy experiments and educated guesses, we believe in embracing the risk as a part of going forward and creating a game-changing e-commerce software solution. Moving quickly without neglecting the quality of the code is in our DNA.

From your first day you will be welcomed like one of us and expected to share your knowledge but also given all the support and guidance you need. The team consists of great software experts in their fields who enjoy empowering their peers and creating new fellow experts.

Kramp Hub is a very good and relaxed work environment with a lot of smart people and a flat structure, which I like. There is always a good conversation you could have with the architects and they'll actually listen. We'll make sure to get to a solution that is simple, pragmatic, within reasonable time-frame and at the same time forward-thinking. We're cloud centric using GCP with help and feedback from the GCP team itself. This means that we don't have to go through lots of hoops to test and deploy our services, having the opportunity to iterate much faster. At the end of the week there is always time left for a chat and a beer!

Software Engineer, Kramp Hub