Data Engineer

Job description

If you want to compete with technology, by definition you can’t buy that technology. At Kramp hub, with a team of great professionals we are continuously seeking simple solutions for very complex challenges in the e-commerce world, within an industry that is becoming more important day by day - agriculture.

At the moment we are busy building a multi tenant greenfield platform and working on a data hub that will steer the decisions and directions of the immense business we are in, having 3 million euros in revenue going through the system daily. We just released an object recognition app and are very proud of it!

Our data team is building a data lake using Google Cloud Platform to make our own platform smarter with data driven functionalities, such as personalized search, recommendations and more. The data lake is intended as a self-service solution for our tenants and their data analysts.

When you join us in the Data Engineer role, you will be working together with our data analysts and developers on these smart functionalities and ensuring that they are scalable and react in NRT.

What keeps a Data Engineer at Kramp Hub busy day to day:

  • Real-time (and batch), distributed transformation pipelines
  • Modelling, handling and serving large amounts of data
  • Scheduling and orchestrating of data processes
  • Data ingress and egress for machine learning systems

Job requirements

Skillset you’d be bringing to the table:


Java - a prerequisite, you must be very comfortable with Java as you will be using it every day



Google Cloud Platform - a really big plus!

Data processing frameworks such as Beam, Flink, Spark

Stream processing: Cloud Pubsub, Kafka







Relational databases

NoSQL databases


Big Data engineering

Distributed/parallel processing

Data warehousing

Software engineering / design

ETL processes 

Machine learning - a big plus!

What we can offer:

  • A financially stable corporate startup
  • Small agile teams where every new colleague makes an immediate difference and impact
  • A team that celebrates small successes and milestones
  • International crowd with different backgrounds and knowledge to learn from
  • Working with great experts in the development world
  • An office right behind the Central Station in Utrecht, you can be anywhere in no time
  • Informal atmosphere and flexibility