Frontend Developer (React Native)

Job description

Kramp Hub is looking for a React Native developer to hop on board!

We are at the moment building a team with people from all around the world, and we imagine it as a mix of different seniority levels and interests (you have an aesthetic eye and crave a picture-perfect UI - please do apply! Do you have an obsession for functionality and seamless navigation through the app - please do apply! We need both sides of the spectrum!) We would like for our new colleague to be willing to teach and be taught - being very receptive to feedback and giving it back to your colleagues is very important to the team, so we can make sure we always stay on the edge of the ever changing FE tech environment.

An example of a product you’ll be working on you can check out here.

The first version of our object recognition app is already in production, now is the time to stabilize and enhance and we need fresh ideas and more hands in the team to do so. We are proud that it’s already award winning, but there are still a lot of ambitious plans to tackle. You can jump on board and join us in the following:

  • The app is the channel where we are fully experimenting with new technology and UI (for example, a zero click order & product recognition). If you have a good idea yourself, we can include it in one of those experiments!
  • We want to continue building the functionalities that help our users when they are on the go - bar code scanning, product recognition, chat, push notifications...
  • The app is completely designed around a perfect user experience. The mobile experience must be as intuitive as possible and we are continuously working on this! We are running many user tests and building feedback loops in the app to meet the wishes of the customer as much as possible.

Job requirements

Concepts and technologies that you should have experience in:

  • JavaScript
  • React Native, React.js/Vue.js
  • Node.js/Next.js
  • GraphQL
  • Microservice API (REST, gRPC)
  • Storybook
  • Component Design System

What we can offer:

  • A financially stable corporate startup
  • Small agile teams where every new colleague makes an immediate difference and impact
  • A team that celebrates small successes and milestones
  • International crowd with different backgrounds and knowledge to learn from
  • Working with great experts in the development world
  • An office right behind the Central Station in Utrecht, you can be anywhere in no time
  • Informal atmosphere and flexibility

N.B. External recruiters/agencies we'd appreciate if you'd let us reach out to you if we need help. At the moment, this is not the case :)