Software Engineer - Elasticsearch

Job description

At Kramp Hub, with a team of great professionals, we are continuously seeking simple solutions for very complex challenges in the B2B e-commerce world, within an industry that is becoming more important day by day - agriculture.
At the moment we are busy building a multi-tenant microservice platform and working on a Data Hub that will steer the decisions and directions of the immense business we are in, having 3 million euros in revenue going through the system daily.

Covid-19 note: We are a financially healthy corporate startup, and as mentioned, our software is used by tenants in the agricultural industry, our team will keep hiring and welcoming new colleagues at these times as well. We're looking forward to your application!

Job requirements

Within the seven teams working on different e-commerce domains, you can create and pave your own path in fully autonomous, mature teams that decide the way they want to go about a challenge. This enables big opportunities to take part in different projects and grow - we would like to give you the liberty to choose the direction of that growth based on your tendencies - you might have a knack for the business side of it all and like juggling among stakeholders, or might be interested in architecture. We would like for our new colleague to be willing to teach and be taught so we can make sure we always stay on the edge of the ever changing tech environment. You would work with architects in flip-flops and data scientists in heavy metal bands and we expect you to come as you are :)

At the moment, we are looking for an Elasticsearch enthusiast with solid Java background to join our Sherlock team 🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️

What we would like to see in your background:

  • You have experience with an implementation of Elasticsearch (or other Lucene based solutions) for searching structured data
  • You have experience in search tuning for performance and relevance
  • Your Java skills are very solid
  • You’re able to set up data ingestion from multiple data sources and ETL processes
  • You are thriving in an international team setting
  • A plus - you are enthusiastic about Go
  • Big plus - you have experience with search in an e-commerce setting, dealing with issues like faceting, spell checking, synonyms etc.

What keeps team Sherlock busy:

  • Enabling our tenants to configure search specific settings
  • Scaling search solutions for 16 languages
  • Personalizing search results
  • Improving search relevance
  • Becoming more data driven, in practice this means adding lots of new data sources to our ingestion pipeline

What we can offer in return:

  • A financially stable corporate startup
  • Small agile teams where every new colleague makes an immediate difference and impact
  • A team that celebrates small successes and milestones
  • International crowd with different backgrounds and knowledge to learn from
  • Working with great experts in the development world
  • An office right behind the Central Station in Utrecht, you can be anywhere in no time
  • Informal atmosphere and flexibility

N.B. External recruiters/agencies we'd appreciate if you'd let us reach out to you if we need help. At the moment, this is not the case :)